The Candlestick Notes


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As Technical Traders we must consult the market about the market. 

We should look at the market movement itself rather than look at economic policies.

The Trader should look at market movements as an the Ebb and Flow of a river of the greater Market emotions.

Nothing adds more to the severe realities of trading more than the realities of day to day price movements.

No TWO patterns are ever exactly the same and the trader is constantly challenged to keep a perspective of chart interpretation so as not read into the chart the expectations of an outcome because the trader holds an open position in the market.

The real application of the chart is to speedily identify TOPS and BOTTOMS when they have been set, not predict TOPS and BOTTOMS.

Haguro method is the observation of the WEEKLY candle and the potential outcomes in the following weeks.

The trader obtains a perspective of price support and resistance on a weekly basis.


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